Mistress Juliette

Mistress Juliette is 26 years old, started in BDSM when she had 16, is South American based in London.

Be born in a cultural background where men try to dominate in all aspect of life, push certain women to take a very powerful and brave decision, an authentic way to see the life, which is to be an extremely cruel and dominant woman. Due to the above, she became especially severe and sadistic with men, she goes to fuck you with passion and violence like nobody has done before.

She is very strict in terms of control the behaviour of her submissive and how they must serve and please her. Loves of watching the tears of her submissive and the fear in their eyes before of receiving a punishment.

Now you have a chance to be the perfect victim and the toy with which she goes to play and implement her vicious and sadistic ideas, as she was born with a natural instinct to dominate and punish. Would you dare to be in the hands of this perverse and abusive woman?

Her preferred practices are ballbusting, Bondage, Spanking, Strapon, Fisting, CBT, Trampling, Golden Rain, Pony play, Facesitting, Electrical Play, Breath Control, Needles, Tweezers, Cuts, Medical Play. Chastity belt. However, she also enjoys the other practices and loves to experience new things that border the limits of morality.